2019 Conference on Data Science and Law

Call for Papers: Conference on Data Science and Law

7-8 June 2019, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Sponsored by ETH Zürich, the University of Virginia, and the Data Science Justice Collaboratory. Funding provided by Swiss National Science Foundation Scientific Exchanges Program.

Interest is growing among scholars from a variety of disciplines and across the globe in research at the intersection of data science and law. In recent years, the digitization of legal texts and developments in statistics and computer science have paved the way for new methodological approaches in this area. This constellation of new data and methods has created exciting opportunities for progress on old questions as well as the prospect of opening entirely new areas in empirical legal scholarship.

The Conference on Data Science and Law will convene researchers across disciplines who are interested in this burgeoning field. Scholars in law, social and behavioral sciences, digital humanities, computer science, machine learning, and data analytics are invited to present works-in-progress in all areas of empirical legal studies that involve big data sources or use data science techniques, including natural language processing, machine learning, algorithmic fairness, topic modeling, or network analysis. The purpose of the conference is to highlight the best and most innovative scholarship in data science and law and to help build an intellectual community in support of this new field. Works that are descriptive in nature are invited as well as research that focuses on causal inference.

The workshop will be held at ETH Zürich, Switzerland on June 7–8, 2019. Molly Roberts (UCSD) will give a keynote on her research in this area. Researchers are invited to submit unpublished working papers for presentation at the conference by February 1, 2019. Papers will be selected through a peer review process. While full drafts are recommended, we will accept and review extended abstracts.

Papers can be submitted to Dasa Skopp (dasa.skopp@gess.ethz.ch) with the subject line “Conference Submission.” Multiple author submissions are welcome.

Please feel free to circulate this notice to colleagues or graduate students who may be interested.