2022-2023 Schedule

Online Workshop on Computational Analysis of Law

6 Sept. 12–1:15pm          Nina Varsava. The Gender and Racial Composition of Federal Appellate Panels. Discussant: Sean Farhang (Berkeley)

13 Oct. 12–1:15pm         Renana Keydar. Rethinking Human Rights Proliferation as Norm Density: A Computational Study of 180,000 UN Recommendations. Discussant: Kevin Cope (UVA)

16 Nov. 12–1:15pm        Ryan Whalen. The Innovation Glass Ceiling: How Women Are Penalized for Boundary Spanning Research. Discussant: Jonathan Mauser (U Chicago)

1 Dec. 12–1:15pm          Wolfgan Alschner. A Divided Court? Using Citation Analysis to Track Jurisprudential Change at the Supreme Court of Canada. Discussant: Albert Yoon (Toronto)

16 Feb. 12–1:15pm         Jordi Goodman. Strength in Numbers: Analyzing Group Dynamics of the Patent Gap. Discussant: Melissa Wasserman (UT Austin)

16 March 12–1:15pm      Kellen Funk and Lincoln Mullen. Making Law Modern: Discovering the Restructuring of Law through Legal Citations in Anglo-American Treatises. Discussant: Jens Frankenreiter (Wash. U)

13 April 12–1:15pm        Parth Sagdeo. Measuring the Work of the Federal District Courts. Discussant: Jonathan Petkun (Duke)

11 May 12–1:15pm         Amit Haim. Computational Text Analysis of Binding Language in Administrative Guidance. Discussant: Jed Stiglitz (Cornell)