2021-2022 Schedule

Online Workshop on Computational Analysis of Law

15 Sept. 12–1:15pm       Paul Collins. The Effect of Judicial Decisions on Issue Salience and Legal Consciousness in the LGBTQ+ Community. Discussant: Keith Carlson (Dartmouth)

14 Oct. 12–1:15pm        Peter Grajzl. A Macrohistory of Legal Evolution and Coevolution: Property, Procedure, and Contract in Pre-Industrial English Caselaw. Discussant: Kellen Funk (Columbia)

16 Nov. 12–1:15 pm       Janet Freilich. Is the Patent System Sensitive to Information Quality?  Discussant: Ryan Whalen (NUS)

16 Dec. 12–1:15 pm       Charlotte Alexander. Introduction to the SCALES Open Knowledge Network. Discussant: Jon Ashely (UVA)

13 Jan. 12­–1:15 pm        Fabiana Di Porto. Talking at Cross Purposes? A Computational Analysis of the Debate on Informational Duties in the Digital Services and the Digital Markets Acts. Discussant: Jens Frankenreiter (Wash. U)

10 Feb. 12­–1:15 pm       Jonathan Choi. Computational Corpus Linguistics. Discussant: Stephen Mouritsen (Parr Brown; BYU)

10 March 12­–1:15 pm    Elliott Ash. What goes on in the Courtroom? Audiovisual analysis of 9th Circuit Oral Arguments. Discussant: Daniel Rockmore (Dartmouth)

14 April 12–1:15 pm      Renana Keydar. How Does the Law Imagine Sexual Victims? Computational Analysis of Sex Crime Cases from The Israeli Legal System. Discussant: Nina Varsava (U. Wisconsin)