2020-2021 Schedule

Online Workshop on Computational Analysis of Law

17 Sept. 12–1:15pm       Elliott Ash. A Machine Learning Approach to Analyze and Support Anti-Corruption Policy. Discussant: Aniket Kesari (Berkeley).

22 Oct. 12–1:15pm        Julian Nyarko. Legal Interpretation as a Translation Problem. Discussant: Justin Grimmer (Stanford).

16 Nov. 12–1:15 pm       Jens Frankenreiter. Privacy’s Great Shock. Discussant: Florencia Marotta-Wurgler (NYU).

10 Dec. 12–1:15 pm       Michael Livermore. Political Shifts and Public Responses to Agency Action: A Text Analytic Approach . Discussant: Rachael Hinkle (University at Buffalo).

14 Jan. 12-1:15pm          Nina Varsava. What Judicial Opinions Can Tell Us about the Gender Roles and Biases of Judges on the Federal Courts of Appeals. Discussant: Doug Rice (UMass Amherst).

11 Feb. 12–1:15pm        Anne Tucker. It Ain’t What the Funds Disclose (It’s the Way That They Do It). Discussant: Timothy Loughran (Notre Dame).

18 Mar. 12–1:15pm        Runar Hilleren Lie. Tracing Change: A Computational Analysis of Treaty-Making Practice in International Investment Law. Discussant: Allen Riddell (Indiana University Bloomington).

15 Apr. 12–1:15pm        Adam Badawi. What is Legal Similarity and How Do We Measure It? Discussant: Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago).

All times Eastern Standard Time.