2019-2020 Schedule

Online Workshop on the Computational Analysis of Law

19 Sept. 12–1:15pm       Anne Tucker. Investment Company Disclosures: Qualities, Content, and Compliance. Discussant: Quinn Curtis (UVA).

16 Oct. 12–1:15pm        Elliott Ash and Daniel L. Chen. Implicit Bias in the Judiciary. Discussant: Ryan Copus (Harvard)

12 Nov. 12–1:15 pm       Jed Stiglitz. Observability and Reasoned Discourse: Evidence from the U.S. Senate. Discussant: Susan Navarro Smelcer (Georgia State University).

4 Dec. 12–1:15 pm        Julian Nyarko. Do You Ever Read the Fine Print? The Potential and Limitations of Text Analysis for Consumer Contracts. Discussant: Frank Fagan (EDHEC).

25 Feb. 12­–1:15 pm       Magnus Esmark. Sectorising the European Court of Human Rights: A Data-Driven Analysis of the Effects of Organisational Changes on the Coherence of Jurisprudence. Discussant: Jens Frankenreiter (Columbia).

17 March 12–1:15 pm    Joseph Scott Miller. “Justice X, dissenting”: A Citation-Network Approach to Mapping Ideology. Discussant: Sofia Amaral-Garcia (KU Leuven).

7 April 12–1:15 pm        Charles Crabtree and Kevin Cope. Are Lawyers Biased Against Female Judges? Evidence from Thousands of Anonymous Evaluations. Discussant: Marion Dumas (LSE).                                    

5 May  12­–1:15 pm       Peter Grajz and Peter Murrell. The Early Character and the Subsequent Evolution of English Common Law: A Machine-Learning Investigation. Discussant: Lincoln Mullen (George Mason University).

All times Eastern Standard Time