2018-2019 Schedule

Online Workshop on Computational Analysis of Law

20 Sept. 12–1:15pm       Jens Frankenreiter. Deliberately Opaque? Analyzing the Determinants of the Use of Complex Language by the European Court of Justice. Discussant: Joe Sutherland (Columbia).

17 Oct. 12–1:15pm        Jessica A. Schoenherr. Does the Argument Matter? Using Text Analysis of Merits Briefs to Study U.S. Supreme Court Decision-Making. Discussant: Mike Livermore (UVA).

13 Nov. 12–1:15 pm       Joe Miller. IP Law’s Semantic Self-Portrait: A Co-Citation Analysis. Discussant: Eugenie Dugoua (LSE).

4 December 12–1:15     Kevin Cope. Dynamic Ideology. Discussant: Kristen M. Renberg (Duke).

22 January 12–1:15        Bernhard Ganglmair. Complexity, Standardization, and the Design of Loan Agreements. Discussant: Elliott Ash (ETH).

15 February 12­–1:15      Robert Sprague. One Hundred Twenty Years of U.S. Privacy Law Scholarship: A Latent Semantic Analysis. Discussant: Janet Freilich (Fordham).

5 March 12–1:15           Karl Branting. Prediction and Decision Support for Routine Administrative Adjudications. Discussant: Daniel Rockmore (Dartmouth).

16 April 12–1:15             Charlotte Alexander. Plaintiffs’ Attorney Networks as Litigation Drivers. Discussant: Anthony Niblett (Toronto).                          

14 May 12­–1:15             Frank Fagan. Contractual and Corporate Good Faith: A Unified Perspective from Big Data. Discussant: Anne Tucker (Georgia State University).

All times Eastern Standard Time