2017-2018 Schedule

Online Workshop on the Computational Analysis of Law

15 Feb. 12–1pm Elliott Ash. Legislative Complexity and Economic Growth: Evidence of Bidirectional Causality in U.S. States, 1963-2012. Discussant: Jens Frankenreiter (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods).

15 March 9–10am         Michael Livermore. Strategic Publication and Opinion Text on the U.S. Appellate Courts. Discussant: Marion Dumas (LSE).

 10 April 10-11am          J.B. Ruhl. Topic Modeling the President: Conventional and Computational Methods. Discussant: Kira Pronin (University of Pittsburgh).

15 May 10–11am           Adam Feldman. Opinion Clarity in State and Federal Trial Courts. Discussant: Kevin Cope (University of Virginia)

All times Eastern Standard Time.